Founded in

5 December 1995

Formerly joint venture with BICC Cables & BICC General Cables,

Now 100% Owned by CCM Group

Deed of Establishment No.36
Notary Singgih Susilo, SH

PT. Berca Indonesia 63,15%

PT. Karunia Berca Indonesia 36,85%

President Director  Mr. Erick Purwanto, M.Eng

Energy cable : Power, Control and Instrument

                      (Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage)

Fiber optic cable : Use worldwide fibers as Corning and others

CCM Group

  • First Company was founded in 1969
  • Holding company was founded in 1984
  • Over 63 operating companies
  • 40,000 employees
  • Significant role on wide range of industries
  • Operating in Indonesia, Singapore, U.S., China & Hongkong